The Kahnawake Mohawk Peacekeepers consist of 8 divisions.

  • Dispatch
  • Patrol
  • Nautical division
  • Public Relations
  • Court Liaison
  • Intelligence
  • Investigative
  • Administrative

The duties for each division are as follows

  • Dispatch: Made up of Civilian staff is a 24/7 first contact with the public as well as private businesses and other policing agencies, it is the Life line for officers as well as Fire & ambulance services.
  • Patrol division: is proactive and responsive Law enforcement for the Community & general public within the Territory. 24/7 Emergency response as well as a part of the public relation activities.
  • Nautical division: for patrol, search & rescue, recovery, prevention as well as safety
  • Public Relations: special events, PR events, School visits & media relations
  • Court Liaison: for Kahnawake court, restorative justice and Provincial court judicial process.
  • Intelligence division: Maintains partnerships and develop intelligence led policing. Extending knowledge and building larger networks for today’s policing demands.
  • Investigations: 24/7 general investigation as well as Organized Crime disruption, combating problematic situations within or concerning the Mohawk Community.
  • Administration: To monitor and drive the entire work force and sub divisions within the Kahnawake Mohawk Peacekeeper organization. This includes HR/Training and IT support.